Sunday, 23 January 2011


I have been very naughty. I have not been updating my blog, and to be quite honest my excuses are fairly lame. Although this particular post should really have been completed at least a week ago, I thought rather than ignore it, I would just go ahead and publish it now.

My last post outlined a challenge I had set myself to only eat things I myself could realistically make. As well as being a food experiment, it doubled up as a financial one, as I didn't quite anticipate the positive effects it would have on my bank balance.

Initially, I was really excited by the challenge. Convenience went out the window, and I had to think much more carefully about what I was going to eat, and how long it was going to take to prepare. My purse certainly felt heavier in a week where grabbing a coffee and sandwich on the go suddenly became forbidden. If this experiment showed me anything, it is that I spend a worrying amount of money on coffee!

However, what I did find difficult was socialising. Sitting drinking an ice old cold glass of water, whilst everyone else is having tea was not my idea of fun. But since I can make tea, it was off the cards whilst I made progress towards drinking those recommended eight glasses a day of the clear stuff.

All in all, I enjoyed this challenge. On reflection I didn't save time, but I did save money. I had also engineered this to take place on a week where I wasn't working. I therefore intend to set myself this challenge again, on a week where I have to juggle work and sacrifice convenience. I wonder how I will feel about things then? Watch this space....

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