Monday, 28 March 2011

This year's must have.....the aubergine!

Being generally attracted to all things of the purple variety has led to my adoration of the aubergine. However, rather than being able to recount my numerous dalliances with this versatile fruit to one and all, I have always felt in the minority with my love for this purple gem. My nearest and dearest all seem to have had an unpleasant encounter with the eggplant at some point in their lives, ranging from trying a piece raw to having delved into the pickled variety.

Considering the versatility of the aubergine, and how widely used it is across a range of cuisines, I have always found its unpopularity a little hard to bear. By masking it using a number of guises, I feel I have helped to create a small cohort who are now much more 'melanzane' friendly. I converted Rob through making a tomato based sauce, slow cooked and laced with aubergine. My concept of trickery seemed to work, and before I could utter the words, 'Yes it's an aubergine', I heard winning sounds of delighted taste buds. Hurrah, I had successfully reeled in my first convert, and was armed with more recipes, ready to entrance the rest. This took on the form of luring friends with slices of grilled aubergine, served alongside a range of antipasti. Had it not been containing a mixture of aubergine infused wonders, my jaw would have hit the floor when they asked for more.

Based on my recent research, I predict big things this year for the aubergine. Should anyone have any further ideas on how to appropriately treat my purple friend, all suggestions are welcome.


  1. Very very simple but very moreish - Grilled aubergine rounds topped with slices of goats cheese log and whacked back under the grill till cheese is golden and bubbling. Sometimes I smear them with pesto before I add the cheese. A sprinkle of fresh herbs or chilli would be nice as well I think! Not especially glamorous but very tasty.

    Love the blog and thanks for adding mine to your blogroll : )

    Jane (Eats Edinburgh)

  2. Thanks for that Jane. I love the sound of the aubergines with cheese and chilli. Thanks for the lovely comment about my blog! Much appreciated!